Transitioning to an Autumn skin care routine

Transitioning to an Autumn skin care routine

Now that autumn is just around the corner, it’s time to have a think about your skin care routine. We are now approaching the crisp and dry months so we need to think about keeping our skin soft and moisturised. Here are some tips on how to make your skin feel and look at its best throughout the autumn and winter months.

1. More moisture – the air in autumn is drier which supplies your skin with less moisture and on windy days it can even carry away the moisture from the surface of your skin.

For dry or combination skin you need to change your moisturiser, a more emollient cream instead of a light summer lotion protects your skin more from becoming rough and dried up. Even oily complexions can benefit from a richer moisturiser during autumn.

It’s not just your face that needs more moisture in autumn, your body needs it too. As we go into autumn we start to wear trousers and long sleeves, throughout the day the fabric wicks away the natural moisture that your skin is producing to remain healthy. Therefore, you need to change from a bracing shower gel to a moisture-rich cream-based cleansing lotion or foaming wash. Follow this with a body lotion such as a hydrating oil-free formula for oily skin or a rich body butter for dry skin.

Another new thing for you to consider in your routine is serums. They provide added hydration and also give correction from the summer sun.

2. You still need sun cream! You don’t want to hear it but whether it’s going to be a clear autumn day or a gray one, your skin still needs protection from aging ultraviolet rays in the autumn.

3. Exfoliate – exfoliating is just as important as it is in summer if you want radiant skin. Your exfoliating products in the autumn should be kind to dry skin and also able to help your skin retain its moisture. Oil-based scrubs are good for autumn as they gently remove old skin cells without stripping skin of its moisture. Remember your feet still need exfoliating even though they’re not in sandals or flip-flops anymore.

4. Treat yourself – with all the stress the autumn brings what with a new term and the lead up to Christmas, try and make time for an exfoliating facial, a full body scrub that removes summer’s marks on your skin and leaves it looking its best or any other treatment you fancy. Take a look at our beauty treatments and book in to kick start your autumn skin care routine.

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